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El Paso's number one company for limousine rentals!

Limousine El Paso is El Paso's number one company for limousine rentals. Our great service and superior product have earned us this prestigious reputation and it's a reputation we work hard to keep! We have a dedicated team of people who work round the clock to provide you with outstanding customer service. Our services are available all over the state 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. We are a company ran by great people from our agents to our mechanics to our chauffeurs, all specially trained in their field to provide you only the best service. Our vehicles are held to a superior standard as well. We work tirelessly to make sure each and every one of our limousines is in prime condition from the engines to the exterior and interior designs, to the features!

Our prices can't be beat either. We offer affordable, competitive rates that are unbeatable by any competing reputable company. We welcome all of our customers to ask questions about our policies so they feel confident in the great deals they're getting with us and we encourage our customers to come to our location and view our vehicles before renting so you can feel confident in the great product we will provide. Not all companies can stand so firmly by their policies and product as us.

Our amazing service and unique limousines are available and ideal for all events in El Paso and beyond. We're experts and luxury transportation for all Texas occasions! This means that no only are our vehicles the best you'll find, but that we're always on time, our chauffeurs are always dressed appropriately, and we offer special packages for events such as weddings. We provide the best traveling accommodations in El Paso paired with the best service and prices! We're El Paso's most trusted company for a reason!

Please browse our site to learn more about us and when you're ready to book your reservation, get a quote, or just ask questions, simply give us a call or send an e-mail! We're here 24/7 for your convenience!

We have the most luxurious fleet of limousines!

Below you'll see a small sampling of our amazing fleet. You can easily view more vehicles and details by heading over to our fleet page. Each limousine at Limousine El Paso is crafted with you in mind. We have our limousines fully customized to provide luxury, comfort, style, and convenience. You'll find that our vehicles have most comfortable leather seats, gorgeous wood floors, and tinted windows for celebrity-level privacy and comfort. You'll love the technological features we're sure to have included in each vehicle as well, from color-changing lighting throughout the entire vehicle, bars with cooler areas, custom sound systems, TVs and DVD players, and so much more!

It’s a real joy for our customers to travel in these vehicles to whatever destinations they have their hearts set on. We cannot wait to welcome you into our clientele and show you such a memorable time on the road. The features that we outlined above are basically standard in all of our vehicles and we just find that they are the key pieces that make your trip that much more amazing. Our aim and our goal is to have our customers feel like glitzy celebrities on the road, and with how hard you work, you definitely deserve to be able to let your hair down on that level when you do go out and party! The cozy seating, the spacious interiors, the exciting entertainment features, the sparkling clean atmosphere that always feels brand spankin’ new… we could go on and on about these vehicles. They’re quite swoon-worthy! And if WE think so, then we know YOU will definitely feel the same.

We’d love to host you on our physical premises for a grand tour of these sensational vehicles, but if you don’t happen to have the time to do so, we also show many of our featured vehicles right here on our site. You can get an idea of which one you might prefer and then just let us know when you book your trip, or alternatively you can just let us know the specifics of your trip and allow our staff to choose the right vehicle according to your needs. They’ve been doing this for many years now and they have a great feel for what is the ideal vehicle for each customer, so you can certainly relax and know that they will choose the perfect one for you!

Our services are available for all events!

We provide our services for any occasion! You'll find that our luxurious and versatile vehicles make the perfect mode of transportation for any even you can imagine, from your wedding to a crazy night out on the town. We operate 24/7 so no matter what you have planned, you can count on Limousine El Paso to be there!

We’ve put together an events page so that you can get an idea of the events that we serve most often, but please know that there’s no limit to the types of outings that we can serve. In addition to our standard events like festivals, weddings, birthday parties, concerts, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and bar hopping, we have also served such rarities as golf trips and camping trips! That definitely fits the definition of glamping, wouldn’t you say? Glamorous camping at its very finest. No matter what you’re in the mood for, whether it’s a day of outlet mall shopping with your girls or a night of visiting the hottest restaurants in our downtown area, know that we’ve got you covered. Safe, reliable travel that is luxurious and a real pampering treat!

Once again we want to remind you that we are a 24/7 business, in operation around the clock to take your calls and take you anywhere you want to go. Night owls don’t need to hold back! You can really call us any time. We’ll be here to take care of your concerns and get the booking process rolling. Call us tonight with the info about your event and let’s get this party started! Our contact info is at the top of each page.