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There are two main portions of your wedding day that require a lot of planning. Of course, there is the ceremony portion that has a lot of details associated with it and then there is your reception which also has a fair share of details. When it comes to your reception, you will want to hire an exceptional caterer in order to provide your guests with some amazing food. Related to your food hire, you also want your guests to have some great drinks that will complement the food. One of the best ways to make this happen is to hire a mobile bartender. But keep in mind that there are some amazing bartenders out there and there are some sub-par bartenders so you will need to do your research in order to make sure you are going to hire quality. Part of providing awesome service as a bartender is making great drinks but also having a great personality. To help you with this all important hire, we have provided a brief guide below that you help you with your search in the El Paso area.

To start your search, one of your best avenues to pursue is to ask people you know whether they have ever had any experience with a mobile bartender. If it was positive, get their contact information. You can also do an online search and investigate individual websites of services that provide mobile bartenders. Is the site professional? Another excellent source is your other wedding vendors. They usually have great contacts and connections in the industry. Once you have some candidates to check out, meet with each one face to face. One of your first questions should be about how many weddings they have worked at. This is a very important hire so you want to make sure they have some seasoning. Have a discussion about their knowledge of drink mixing. It would even be a good idea to test them on a few concoctions.

Make sure that they carry at least General Liability Insurance. If they do not, scratch them off of your list. Ask them if they have ever had responsible vendor training. You want someone who understands how to prevent possible bad situations from happening. Talk about the time they need to show up and when they need to be setup by. Ask them what you will need to provide them and what they will be providing. They should be able to provide you with expertise as to how much alcohol you will need to purchase based on your guest count. And speaking of your guest count, ask how many bartenders is the right amount for your group. Many bartending services recommend 1 bartender per every 75 guests. Find out what they usually wear to a wedding gig.

Your conversation will eventually come down to price. Keep in mind that high quality service usually costs something. Don't try to go cheap with this vendor. Do they require a deposit in order to reserve their services? Is the gratuity figured into the cost that you will pay or is it based on performance during your wedding? Hopefully, this guide should lead you the perfect professional bartender for you and your big day. The right professional will make sure that all of your guests have the time of your lives.

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