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El Paso Wedding Candy Buffets

We know that you want your wedding to be everything that you always dreamed of. And while you are working on every little detail to make sure that is the case, we have a suggestion that will make your wedding even that much sweeter. Have a candy buffet setup at your reception. This is such a unique touch and it will leave a sweet taste in your guest's mouths. In addition to providing some awesome tastes to your guests, when they are done well, candy buffets are also very eye catching and appealing, they add a beautiful focal point. Let us recommend that you not try to create your own candy buffet. There is a lot more to it than most people think. The time and effort that it takes to setup one is mind boggling. So, to save yourself time, stress and money, you need to hire a professional that knows the business of candy buffets. The El Paso area has several vendors that are adept at setting them up. When you need now is this brief guide that will show you the way to hiring one of those vendors.

Start asking your circle of friends, family and coworkers whether they have ever experienced a candy buffet or whether they have hired a caterer that puts them together. Candy buffets are presently ranked in the top 10 wedding reception activities. And with good reason. Your guests will feel like a kid in a candy store as they move around the buffet stuffing their treat bags with their favorites. Once you have some quality candidates to check out, meet with each one and ask them some questions. Ask them how long it will take to put together a candy buffet for the number of guests you will be having. You will want to book a professional at least one month before your wedding but we suggest at least two months before your wedding. Make sure that you have the caterer stock the candy buffet with enough candy so that everyone gets some.

You will want to talk about your budget and see what they might be able to do within that number. If you don't have a huge budget for this, ask what suggestions they might have to keep the price reasonable. Make sure that you will be a part of the design, it is nice when you can have your own personal touch attached to something like this meant for your guests. Talk about the decorative bags or boxes that your guests will use to load up on goodies. Your guests will absolutely love going home with a keepsake. You will want to create and place decorative and descriptive tags and labels on each jar of candy.

Make sure that the vendor shows you pictures of past candy buffets that they have put together for weddings. And don't forget the right utensil to help your guests move the candy. This is going to be a ton of fun for you and for your guests. You will love watching your guests have fun with it more than participating yourself. Once you have the right vendor in your employ, all that if left to do is to enjoy every sweet moment.

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