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Let's face it, there are a lot of items that you need to pull your wedding off. And depending on what vendors you book to service your wedding, some of them may provide all of the items you need and some may not. This is where you may have to step in and fill the gap. For instance, when you find your reception venue, they may or may not provide all of the tables and chairs and table wear that you need. The same could be said about the linens and accent decorations. In these cases, you will need to seek out an event rental company and rent the items that you will need. We realize that there is a good chance that you have never had to seek out an event rental company before and so you don't even know where to start. This search is similar to many of your other wedding vendors. You will need to meet with a few candidates and interview them before you hire anyone. We want to help as you look around the El Paso area. So, we have provided a guide with questions that you will want to ask any rental company that you talk to. The information that you receive will help you make your final decision.

There are some pieces of information that you will want to have in hand before you interview any potential vendor. You want to have a list of the items that you want to rent, an approximate guest count, and information on the reception venue. Once you have this information, start your search for reputable event rental companies and ask to meet with the ones that you are interested in exploring. It is a good idea to ask your interviewees what items they have available for rent. Keep in mind that some companies specialize in one certain items while others have more of a potpourri. If you can find someone that can offer you everything you are in need of, that is your best option. Once that is settled, ask them about the rental fee. Many companies offer packages and they should be able to show you a price list. You can really save on rental items if you have your wedding during an off time. Find out if they have ever worked your reception venue before. This can be a real advantage for you because they will already know the logistics and layout. You definitely need to have a discussion about delivery, set-up and tear-down. Are these services included in the cost? Will they coordinate these services with your venue? Will they move items from your ceremony to your reception?

If you need tents, find out how many and what sizes, you really want to lean on the experts in cases like this. Find out if they own the items that they rent. Companies that own their items have much more control over the quality and consistency of their inventory. Take a tour of the warehouse of the companies you are interested in and check out the quality.

What happens if any of the items that you rent from them gets damaged or ends up missing? Will there be a main contact from the rental company on site the day of your wedding. This is something that you should insist on. Keep in mind that this is a hire that you will want to make as soon as possible. Quality rental companies have their items rented quickly and sometimes you have to book them up to 1 year ahead of time. What kind of deposit do you have to put down to reserve their services? When you have made your final decision, get everything in writing.

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